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Jonas, Inc. was formed in 1983 by Dr. Otakar Jonas to provide consulting services to electric utilities.  The focus of the company is to provide expertise on water and steam chemistry, corrosion, and failure analysis.  Over the years, the company also performed many R&D projects and through these projects, and in an effort to fill observed needs in the industry, Jonas, Inc. developed a number of very successful products.  Jonas, Inc. now serves a wide range of industries worldwide.
In 2009, Dr. Jonas retired from the company and assigned Lee Machemer, a Jonas, Inc. employee for 14 years, the task of running the company.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome Mr. Machemer's leadership and we strive to continue the Jonas, Inc. tradition of providing high quality products and services. 
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Serving the power industry since 1983
Specializing in Sampling and Instrumentation, Corrosion,
Water and Steam Chemistry, and Failure Analysis
Jonas, Inc.
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