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Wet Steam % Moisture Monitor
Jonas, Inc. developed an instrument that measures moisture (quality) contents of wet steam.  Applications include steam generation (desuperheating, moisture separation, efficiency, boiler carry-over), co-generation, district heating, desalination, industrial processes (separation, condensation), oil recovery, gas liquification, erosion analysis, steam for sterilization, and many others.  The instrument is also applicable to other condensing fluids.
Optional use of this instrument is for collection of the moisture for chemical analysis (early condensate).
The objective of the % Moisture Monitor (Figure 1) is to measure the wetness of saturated steam in process piping.  In order to achieve this, the Monitor isokinetically samples the wet steam and uses a specially designed Moisture Separator to remove moisture.  The dry steam and liquid condensate are cooled and the flow rate of each stream is monitored.  
Isokinetic Sampling - For representative sampling of the gaseous and liquid phases, the EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzle, which has been a part of ASTM Standard D-1066 "Standard Practice for Sampling Steam" since 1997, is used.
Operating Parameters
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Sample Flowrate:
0.05 to 2.5 L/min (condensed)
2 psia to 680 psia (0.1 to 47 kg/cm^2)
500F (260C) max.
% Moisture:
0.1 to 20%
Required Cooling Water Flow:
Up to 24 gpm
Figure 1.  Jonas, Inc. Wet Steam %Moisture Monitor
EPRI Isokinetic
Sampling Nozzle
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