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Sampling and Injection Equipment
Corrosion and Deposition Monitoring Equipment
A simple inexpensive device installed outside the turbine that collects exfoliated oxides and deposits representative of deposition inside the turbine.  Used for troubleshooting, testing chemistry effects, root cause analysis of deposition in turbines, evaluation of composition and morphology, and determination of the time and type of operation when impurities are transported into the turbine.
Used for troubleshooting corrosion and water and steam chemistry problems in steam turbines, feedwater heaters, BWR reactors, PWR steam generators, heat exchangers, piping, and geothermal systems.
Droplets carrying dissolved impurities which impact the Probe are instantly converted back to vapor leaving behind the impurities as deposits on the Probe surface.  Used in corrosion investigations of disks, blades, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, etc.
Isokinetic sampling nozzles (probes) for sampling gases and liquids (including steam and water in steam plants).  EPRI Nozzles meet current ASTM D1066 and D3370 requirements.
Quills for injecting chemicals into liquids and gases (for example, into feedwater pipes in steam plants).
EPRI Isokinetic Sampling Nozzles for Gases and Liquids
Chemical Injection Quills 
Turbine Deposit Collector/Simulator
Sampler for Condensing Phases (Early Condensate, First Condensate)
Turbine Moisture Drying Probe
These comprehensive Guidelines, customized for a specific unit, cover water and steam chemistry control for utilities, industrial units, and combined cycles for any type of water treatment.
Water and Steam chemistry and corrosion control is often a neglected area during the storage, erection, and commissioning of the equipment when building new units.
Customized Steam Cycle Water Chemistry Guidelines
Steam Cycle Water Chemistry Commissioning Guidelines
Other Products
Instrument used to periodically measure the moisture (quality) content of wet steam.
An inexpensive, easy to install, in-line instrument for the continuous monitoring of steam systems.  It can also be used for liquid induction for other fluids.
Reduces or prevents air inleakage through turbine rupture disk and can be installed during operation.
Wet Steam % Moisture Monitor
Water Induction Detector
Turbine Rupture Disk Cover
Filling the boiler, deaerator, and feedwater system with deaerated water with low concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide leads to minimization of iron and copper oxide scale formation and corrosion, faster startups (less iron and copper holds), and lower frequency of chemical cleaning.
Nitrogen Sparging and Blanketing of Storage Tanks
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Sample Coolers and Sample Panels
An inexpensive and compact device that allows the user to periodically obtain estimates of the FAC wear rate in their system without the need for costly inspections or outages.
Flow Accelerated Corrosion Simulator/Monitor
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