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Chemical Injection Quill
A line of quills for injecting liquid chemicals into liquid process streams (for example, into feedwater pipes in steam plants).
For many applications, Jonas, Inc. recommends the use of A182-316/316LSS because of the material's resistance to corrosion and erosion. Other materials are available upon request.
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Pressure range: subatmospheric to 5000 psig (34.5 MPa)  
Temperature range:  Up to 1200F (650C)
Attachments:  bolted flange or welded to process pipe
In the past, chemical injection quills have not been much more than a piece of tubing extending into a pipe.  This design is prone to erosion-corrosion and cavitation in the piping after the quill due to vortex shedding and other problems.  In addition, these quills and the piping just downstream are often not properly inspected.  As a result, there have been numerous cases of damage to the piping just after these quills.
The Jonas, Inc. Chemical Injection Quill has a tapered shape that is designed to reduce the effects of vortex shedding, thereby reducing the likelihood of erosion-corrosion, cavitation, and quill fatigue cracking.
Each quill is custom designed for each application with considerations of vortex shedding, resonance, vibration, erosion, and strength of the attachment to the pipe, according to ASME rules.  The quill can be supplied with one or two root valves.  
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