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Collection of Water and Steam Grab Samples
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1.  Two (2) samples should be collected at each sample location in 1 liter high density polyethylene (HDPE) sample bottles.
2.  Label each bottle with the following information:  Sample Location, Date, Time, Unit Load (MW), and sample number.
3.  Sample stream should be flowing for at least 6 hours prior to sampling except during unit startup when this is not practical.  Continuous sample flow is preferred.
4.  Rinse sample bottle by completely filling with sample water and emptying bottle 2 times.
5.  Rinse bottle cap with sample water.
6.  Fill sample bottle until it is overflowing.
7.  Tightly cap sample bottle so that there is little or no air in the bottle.
8.  Properly label sample bottle using a permanent marker.
9.  Refrigerate samples until ready for analysis or shipment to laboratory.  Shipment to an outside laboratory should be made via overnight delivery.
The following procedures are recommended for collecting water and steam grab samples from various locations around the cycle including:
-  Feedwater
-  Boiler water
-  Main steam
-  Condensate
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