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Water Chemistry and Corrosion Control Plant Audit
With the increase of unit sizes, stresses, and heat fluxes, equipment aging, unit cycling, and the high cost of replacement power and steam, corrosion protection of the steam cycle components during operation and layup and the control of water and steam chemistry are of critical importance.
Audit Experience
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Each of the over fifty audits performed by Jonas, Inc. resulted in one or more of the following achievements:
- improvement of communication between management, chemists, operators, and maintenance
- reduction of scale and deposit buildup
- improvement of efficiency and generating capacity
- reduction of corrosion
- prevention of potentially catastrophic failures
- faster startups
- improvement of operation
- better layup practices
- improvement of sampling and instrumentation
- better recordkeeping
- improvement of the makeup and condensate polisher performance
- reduction of cost of water treatment chemicals.
Before the plant visit, a Jonas, Inc. Water Treatment Questionnaire and related information is complied and reviewed.
Two-to-three day review of water and steam chemistry, operation, and maintenance of the steam generating plant aimed at prevention/reduction of cycle component corrosion and scale and deposit formation.  Results of the audit are recommendations for optimization of the plant procedures and practices.
- Prevention/reduction of cycle component corrosion and the resulting forced
     outages and maintenance cost.
- Operation at the maximum thermodynamic efficiency (minimum heat rate)
     and generating capacity.
 1.  Initial Meeting (2 Hours) 
 L. Machemer, Plant Chemist, 
 Maintenance Supervisor,
 Shift Supervisor
 1.1  Introduction (Objectives, Tasks, Schedule, etc.)  L. Machemer (15 min.) 
 1.2  Water Chemistry and Corrosion Control (Cost of Corrosion, Industry Experience,
        Sampling and Instrumentation, Management, Boiler Tube Failure
        Reduction/Prevention, Safety Issues)
 L. Machemer (30 min.)
 1.3  Description of Plant Chemistry Control and Instumentation  Plant Chemist (20 min.) 
 1.4  Corrosion Related Maintenance and NDT  Maintenance Supervisor (15 min.)
 1.5  Operation  Shift Supervisor (15 min.) 
 1.6  Discussion  All (20 min.)
 2.  Review of Water Chemistry  L. Machemer 
 2.1  Control Parameters and Practices  L. Machemer  
 2.2  Water Chemistry, Chemical Cleaning, Deposit and Scale Analysis Results  L. Machemer 
 2.3  Sampling and Instrumentation (walk-through)  L. Machemer 
 2.4  Start-up and Layup  L. Machemer 
 2.5  Deaeration  L. Machemer 
 2.6  Air Inleakage  L. Machemer 
 2.7  Makeup System  L. Machemer 
 2.8  Condensate Polishing  L. Machemer 
 2.9  Laboratory  L. Machemer 
 2.10  Manuals  L. Machemer 
 3.  Review of Maintenance and NDT Records  L. Machemer
 4.  Review of Operation (Control Room and Records)  L. Machemer
 5.  Preliminary Conclusions and Recommendations (presentation)  L. Machemer
 Note:  Items 2 through 4 are expected to take 1.5 days per unit.  
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